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I'm back. Don't have much to say except that. I'm veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery sorry I abandoned all ye who I love, and I hope you can forgive me.

Please, see my new account for new content and such.
:icontpodproductions: is my new account.

If you want more of an explanation, or want to say hello once more, contact me there. :)
I'm so sorry.

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FROM THE WRITER OF The SunWorms Trilogy AND The Redi Series

Troy Chittock presents:





“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”

-Stephen King

    His name was Jim Edward. His mother was Elise Diana, and his father was Thomas Edward. Jim loved Thomas more than Elise, because Elise liked to abuse Jim, so he hated her, more than anything he had ever known. One day, the father was found in Elise's closet with his eyes gouged out, and people suspected Elise caused the crime, but was found not guilty. Now Jim has to remain with Elise. Forever.

Thomas protected Jim.

Thomas protected Jim from her.

Thomas protected Jim from her abuse.

Thomas protected Jim from her abuse to her son.

Thomas protected Jim from her abuse to her son and to the world.

“Thomas is dead.” Elise said, continuing to sit on the couch and watch her shows on the television.

    “I know he is, mom. You don’t have to keep reminding me.” Jim sniffed as he felt sick and his mother continued to do nothing about it, but flipping through channels and not even paying attention to what was on. Elise took a sip of her soda and belched loudly, the pig, “Then why do you keep coming up to me and asking your dad to do things for you?” Jim looked down and kicked the rug, “I’m asking you to help me.” That was when Elise stood up and stared at him with that face again, showing her son that eye he had always feared.

    He liked to call this glare ‘the oval’ since it always seemed like her eye wasn't a circle, just stretched out to look like an oval. Unnatural.

    Her eye color also liked to change to black whenever she gave him that look. It was no longer hazel at the moment. It was black. Inky black, like a sea of nightmares.


    Elise growled, “Kid, when your father was around, he did that stuff for you, not me!” Jim coughed as he already felt like he wanted to throw up, his insides already crawling up to become outsides, turning inside out, his gut groaning, “But, if dad isn't around, I need you to help me, please?” Elise laughed to herself, “The only person in the world who is going to help you do that is your father!”

    Jim shook his head, “But he’s… he is…”

    “SAY IT!!!” Elise demanded, crushing her soda with a burning fist.

    Jim shrieked, “He’s dead!

    She chuckled and sat back down, her eye color going back to normal, “Exactly.” Jim sniffed and stared at her, “Please help me, my stomach hurts!” Elise turned her head at Jim sharply, actually hearing a snap emit from her spine, “I don’t give a flying shit!” Jim sniffed again, “Why the heck would you say that to your own son?!”

    Elise made a shockingly blank face, as if in a trance, “You aren't my son anymore.”

    “... What?” Jim stared at her in worry.

    Her eye changed again, but this time it was the most deformed Jim had ever seen it, sharp, like it was being pulled at, her whole eye changing to black, blood starting to trickle down her cheek. Jim could only stare in horror. Elise stood up and smacked him across the face. Jim fell on the floor crying, feeling his hurt, red burned face, his sobbing cheek. Elise then leaned towards him and picked him up, holding him against her waist like a dog. Jim cried over and over again, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

    She grunted, “No second chances!” Once Elise arrived at Jim’s room, she threw him inside. Jim landed face first into the white carpet of his room, the only thing lighting the room a window barricaded by wood planks, this empty room. The only thing inside the room was him. There wasn't even a closet. It was just that, a room, and nothing else but a crying little boy.

    Jim sobbed, he couldn't stop himself from crying. Elise chuckled, “YOU STAY IN HERE UNTIL I TELL YOU TO COME OUT!!!”

    She slammed the door and locked it
    inputting the door code
    then locking several other locks
    so he couldn't leave.



    Jim had a dream that night. He saw a wolf, yet it had the posture of a human. He was wearing green robes that waved through the air, even through the black abyss of his mind. The man stared at Jim and spoke in a bold, yet scratchy voice, “Jim. You must escape this fate. Do you hear me?” Jim nodded his head.

    The man spoke once more, “You must change your fate. Everyone has secrets. If people say they don’t, they are lying, do you hear me? Everyone has secrets. You must find the one who is hiding the biggest secret you could possibly know. You will know what secret to discover eventually. You will know the right time. Investigate. Survive. Find the betrayer… live… save us…”

    Jim sat in that room all day. He sat in that room all night. In the morning, Elise finally opened the door, seeing puke all over the floor and her child practically dying for all this time. When Jim saw her mother standing there, Elise smiled, but it was a very sarcastic smile, “Good morning.

    Jim sniffed, “Can… can… can I please… come out now… please?” Elise shook her head, “Absolutely not. I am going to Vegas for a couple months to see a friend. We are going to make a deal I think you’ll enjoy. Don’t ask what it is, it’s a surprise.” Jim sniffed again, “Why can’t I come out?”

“You are going to stay in this room until I tell you to come out!” Elise stomped her foot.

Jim looked at her, coughing, “But, I thought you were going to Vegas, and I don’t have a phone to contact you with…”

Elise nodded her head with a devilish smile,

    Elise slammed the door and locked it, inputting the code, turning the key, sliding the other locks. Jim got up and started pounding on the door, “N-NO! LET ME OUT! PLEASE, MOMMY, PLEASE!!!” Jim could already hear the front door closing.

Jim heard the front door slam closed. He was alone now. Jim sobbed into the floor and cried. But, suddenly, he realized something…

“Jim, you must escape this fate.”

Jim waited for a little while longer. He continued to wait, for maybe more than an hour. He waited for the right time…

Then he did it.

    There was only a single window in Jim’s room. It was boarded up so he couldn't escape through it, but that wasn't going to stop him this time. He started attacking at the nailed planks, breaking them bit by bit with the so called strength in his heart. He wasn't going to be hurt anymore. He was not going to die here. He was going to live, elsewhere. He had no plans, he thought to himself. At least he would be away from here, away from her.

    Jim continued to attack. He fought and fought, until finally, he broke through, destroying the last plank being shown to him. The rest were snapped in half or just laid on the floor, emitting dust particles into the air when the wood smacked against the old carpet, spiders and insects crawling out of the wood. Jim breathed heavily, tired, yet excited, proud, even. The only thing he had to break through was the glass, the main layer of his trapped life.

He broke through it using his elbow.

Surprisingly, he busted through using only four blows.

    He was even more tired now, if anything, hurt. His elbow was ripped in blood, shards of glass practically jammed inside his arm. Jim breathed loudly over and over again, sniffing, tears streaming down his face like a waterfall, he wanted to scream, but he couldn't. The glass finished itself off and gravity made it fall onto the floor outside and inside his room. Jim growled to himself, “That’s it… I’m tired of this shit… I’m outta here…”

    Then, Jim was gone. He ran outside and out of the area. His house was not that close to the city, but his house was almost the only one around, they didn't have any neighbors, they only had a little house on a hill. Jim ran towards the forest, he didn't want anybody questioning his ‘bruise’.

He saw the living leaves in the trees, he saw the sweet life around him, the life he had wanted to see for a long time now.

What he didn't see was that his mother was watching him through security cameras in his room. She knows…

She knows…

She knows…


OVALS 1.01: Nothing can get Better
Season ONE - Episode 1: Nothing can get Better
Jim decides that he has had enough of being abused, and he escapes his tortured life and looks for a better life.

(Re-written. Typos fixed.)


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I'm back. Don't have much to say except that. I'm veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery sorry I abandoned all ye who I love, and I hope you can forgive me.

Please, see my new account for new content and such.
:icontpodproductions: is my new account.

If you want more of an explanation, or want to say hello once more, contact me there. :)
I'm so sorry.


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